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MailDominion1.1.1 is now available. Clcik the button above to download. If you are upgrading, close MailDominion if it is running and install the new version in the same directory as the old one. This will allow you to use the new version with any training you have done.


MailDominion is a free program for removing unwanted junk mail from your pop3 server before it reaches your inbox. The program teaches itself the difference between normal and junk mail using Bayesian mathematics and stores this information. After a short period of time you should find it a very accurate way of removing junk mail from your inbox.


Intelligent filter which learns the difference between good mail and junk mail by storing information from every email recieved in a knowledge base

You can change the threshold at which the program decides whether or not the mail is junk.

Add words to a white list to ensure the program will not delete any mail containing those words.

Add words to a black list to delete any mail containing those words.

Scan multiple accounts.

Option to confirm all deletions.



This screen allows you to confirm deletions and to teach the probability filter:



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MailDominion can also be downloaded directly from this site by clicking below. Please use the CNET download if possible, though, thank you.

 Download MailDominion 1.1.1

Other software coming soon. Check back occasionally for details.

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