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24th Jun09: Road Dreams v1.0, a variation of the classic Pipe Dreams game for your java enabled phone. Click here for more details and to download.

8th Apr 09 Privacy Policy updated.

29th Mar 09 LifeCaptureSE v2.1 released. A small update with an added option to turn off the shutter sound.

24th Mar 09 Privacy Policy updated.

21st Feb 09 BinaryClock v1.1 An updated version of the program which turns your phone into a binary clock.

11th Jan 09 LifeCaptureSE v2 The program now captures each frame at a much faster rate and at a greater resolution, up to 2048x1536 if your phone's camera supports it. All frames are now captured in landscape mode which fit standard screens much better. There is also a night exposure mode setting. This version is specifically for Sony Ericsson phones which support JSR234, the w910i or w595 for example.

10th Dec 08 LifeCapture v1.1 and LifeCaptureSE v1.1 The latest verions of LifeCapture released. The standard version of LifeCapture now has the option to increase the frame resolution, the ability to save to the Memory Card and some minor bug fixes. The SE version has just had some minor bug fixes.

26th Nov 08 LifeCaptureSE v1.0 A special edition of the LifeCapture program, allowing increased resolution, memory card support and the ability to capture more frames than the standard version. This version will only be compatible with a few modern phones, unfortunately. Click 'phone applications' for more details.

20th Nov 08 LifeCapture v1.0 A program to turn your phone into a time-lapse camera released.

12th Oct 08 Tapeworm v1.1 A few bug fixes that stopped the high score being saved on some phones. Added more speed variety to the levels and improved user interface.

04th Oct 08 Tapeworm Play a variation of the popular snake game on your mobile phone.

03rd Oct 08: MailDominion 1.1.1, A small bug fix from 1.1.

0st Oct 08: MailDominion 1.1, The latest version of MailDominion allows you to run the program from the System Tray. Also includes minor bug fixes and upgrades.

16th Jun 08 Binary Clock a simple program which turns your mobile phone into a Binary Clock released.

29th May 08: MailDominion, a free junk mail filter program released.

25th May 08: Web site live.

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