Phone Applications

Free games and applications for your Mobile Phone:

Download any of the following programs to your phone directly by going to the following link on your phone:




Time-lapse photography software for your phone. Please note that there are different versions available depending on what sort of mobile phone you have. Latest: LifeCaptureSE v2.1 relaeased 29th Mar 09.

A time-lapse of a combine harvesting a corn field on Thurlby Fen, Bourne. Filmed using the new LifeCaptureSE v2.




Click here for more details and to download LifeCapture to your phone.

Road Dreams v1.0:

The goal of Road Dreams is to build a road from the start line to the finish line using random pieces of road. A car will begin to drive along your road as soon as the level timer runs out, so you must make sure there are no dead-ends and that the road is as long or longer than the goal stated at the start of the level. There are 25 levels of increasing difficulty. See 'Help' in the game for more detailed instructions. This is a variation of the classic Pipe Dreams game. Please note that your phone will need to have a screen width greater than 220 pixels in order for the game to run. I may add another version in the future for smaller screen sizes.

Download this file onto your PC: RoadDreams.jar (Right click and choose Save File)

Depending on your phone, you may also need: RoadDreams.jad For installation instructions, see Binary Clock.



Tapeworm v1.1:

Claudia Moss is one of the world's top models. To help keep slim, she has injested a tapeworm to eat all of the food she cannot resist eating. A variation of the popular snake game.

Download this file onto your PC: Tapeworm.jar (Right click and choose Save File)

Depending on your phone, you may also need: Tapeworm.jad For installation instructions, see Binary Clock.



Binary Clock:

This program will turn your phone into a binary clock. The program also allows you to switch between the binary display and a standard analogue display. Most modern Java enabled mobile phones should be able to run this program.

Download this file onto your PC: BinaryClock.jar (Right click and choose Save File)

Depending on your phone, you may also need: BinaryClock.jad See below for installation instructions.

Changes in v1.1:

The clock now fills the entire screen, including the status bar on the top. The clock can now be started in either Binary or Analogue mode.

How to use:

When the program runs, the binary clock will be displayed after a few seconds. Hold down either the LEFT of RIGHT buttons on your phone to swap between the binary clock and the analogue clock.

In the summer, most countries use some form of Daylight Savings Time. Different phone manufacturers implement this in different ways. If the time the Binary clock is displaying is an hour slow,  you will need to manually add an hour to the time by holding the UP button for a few seconds. You should see the time advance by an hour and the letters DST appear at the top of the screen. This setting will be saved onto the phone so you will not need to repeat the process when you restart. Holding the DOWN button will return the phone to standard time. Sony Ericsson and Nokia users should not need to use this feature. Motorola users probably will need to. I have not tested other makes at this time.

Hold the FIRE button on the phone to display instructions.

Holding the BACK or Red Phone button should close down the program.

How to tell the time in binary?

Simply add up the value of the lit LEDs for each row: hour, min and sec. In the picture above, hour=2+1, min=16+4+2, sec=16+4+1, therefore the time is:3:22:21secs.


How to install:

As the software used by different phone manufacturers varies, these instructions are a rough guide only.

If your computer and phone are Bluetooth enabled, then use this to send the file to your phone. As soon as the phone receives the file, it should give you an option to open or install the program. Ignore any warnings about unrecognized file type or unsigned application.

If you cannot send via Bluetooth you will need to use a cable. Your phone should have come with some software to transfer files from your phone to your PC. Copy the BinaryClock.jar file into a folder on your phone.

On a Sony Ericsson for example, connect you phone, open the file manager, double click My Sony>Memory Stick>MSSEMC>Media Files>Other and copy the file there. Disconnect the phone, then select Main Menu>Media Album>Other and select BinaryClock.jar to install.

For a Motorola, connect your phone, on Phone Tools select: multimedia studio>filetransfer studio. Find where you saved BinaryClock.jar and copy it to the Programs folder on your phone. Disconnect the phone, go to Main Menu>Settings>File Manager>Application Downloads and then select BainaryClock.jar to intstall. Ignore the unsigned application warning.

For other phone makes, you should be able to do something similar to one of the above examples.

Note, on some phones you may need to download the .jad file as well as the .jar file and install from that.



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