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LifeCaptureSE v2.1, the latest version of the program which allows you to take time-lapse photography with your mobile phone, released. The time-lapse video below was filmed on a Sony Ericsson k850i and shows the sun rising over a lake. Click here for more video examples, details and to download.

The first piece of software to be made available for PC is MailDominion, a junk mail filter program with an intelligent filter which teaches itself the difference between good and junk email. Click here for more details and to download.

LifeCapture allows you to use your phone to make time-lapse videos. Click for here for more details and to download.

Binary Clock a simple program which turns you Mobile Phone into a Binary clock. Click for here for more details and to download.

Tapeworm A version of the classic 'snake' game. Click here for more details and to download.

Hopefully more programs, utilities and games, will be available soon.

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